Mille Ditons en Jèrriais

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Mille Ditons en Jèrriais

1000 ditons èrpubliés ensembl'ye pouor la preunmié fais dans un livre. Av'-ous oublié des ditons qu'vos pathents et grands-pathents soulaient faithe sèrvi? N'les v'chîn! Faites-les sèrvi touos les jours dans vos convèrsâtions auve vot' fanmil'ye et vos vaîsîns et anmîns.

1000 ditons (proverbs, sayings, expressions) in Jèrriais (with their equivalents in French and English) collected together for the first time in book form: a treasury of folk wisdom and the idiom of Jersey people of previous generations. Many of the sayings were gathered from earlier publications of the bulletins of l'Assembliée d'Jèrriais and from Dr Le Maistre's chef d'oeuvre, the Jèrriais-Français Dictionary. Others came to mind and there were still others that were brought to the editors' attention by members of the older generation who had learned them at their mother's knee when Jèrriais was more widely spoken. Many hours of research and hard labour were spent to ensure that the idiom of the Jersey 'diton' was conveyed as accurately as possible in the French and English versions.

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