George d'La Forge: Guardian of the Jersey Norman Heritage

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George d'la Forge, Guardian of the Jersey Norman Heritage: Annette Torode's study of the writings and life of George d'la Forge, the American-based Jerseyman whose tales penned in Jèrriais entertained Islanders for many years. 

George F. Le Feuvre was born and grew up in St Ouen but when his parents emigrated to Canada, taking the family with them, he stayed behind, meeting up again with his brothers only on the battlefields of the First World War. After the war he joined his family and they eventually moved to America, where he rose to a high position with the Ford Motor Company. He never forgot his home or his native language, however, and when he took early retirement in 1946 he returned for a holiday and in later life spent each year living partly in America, partly in the Island and the remainder travelling the world. In all he wrote about 900 articles for the Jersey Evening Post and was a regular contributor to the Société Bulletin.

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