Dictionnaithe Angliais-Jèrriais

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Dictionnaithe Angliais-Jèrriais: English-Jèrriais Dictionary

The Dictionnaithe Angliais-Jèrriais is a companion to the popular Jèrriais-English dictionary.

Based on the long tradition of Jèrriais lexicography, this 364-page paperback dictionary includes:

  • the contents of the Jèrriais-English dictionary, revised and cross-referenced to make translations as accessible as possible;
  • extra items checked against the authoritative 1966 Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français;
  • modern words collected from written and broadcast sources since 2005;
  • rare words from old Jèrriais literature collected since 2005 but unrecorded in previous dictionaries.

New entries are also included in a Jèrriais-English appendix, and for convenience a botanical appendix provides scientific Latin names for plants in Jèrriais.

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