Lé Jèrriais pouor les pathents et les grands-pathents

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Lé Jèrriais pouor les pathents et les grands-pathents - Jèrriais for parents and grandparents

Un livret pouor les pathents et grands-pathents et touos les cheins tchi veulent faithe sèrvi l'Jèrriais auve les mousses.

Les pathents et les grands-pathents tchi voudraient faithe sèrvi du Jèrriais siez ieux auve les mousses trouv’thont d’s expressions bein utiles, d’s idées et d's arînmées dans chu livret.

Nou n’est janmais trop janne pouor apprendre – ni trop vyi nitout!

Handing down Jersey's own language from generation to generation is very important: here is a handy new booklet to help those who would like words, phrases, and nursery rhymes to use with children from babies to school-age. From changing nappies to going to bed, from alphabet rhymes to tidying up, from praise to warnings, from bumps and bruises to going out, this book is packed with ideas for speaking Jèrriais with the children in your life, helping them read, count and use our language in the home and out and about.

Whether you want to raise your children bilingually, or simply want to use some of Jersey's traditional nursery rhymes, this book has something to offer all Jersey parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and anyone else interested in the Island's culture.

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